Hi, I am Jules, and welcome to my little corner of the internet. In a snap shot, I am a working mum of two little boys. I teach in the creative industries and find that this flows into every aspect of my life. For me theatre, creativity, art and design are inspirational on a personal level and I believe are transformative on a social and cultural level.

I use this platform to share my droplets of creativity and knowledge to inspire and support others in their creativity. If you are like me and love being inspired then this is where you can take control of your creative core and find little ways to let it flow through your day and your life.

I have been inspired lately to help creatives improve their practice by learning the business skills they need to become an entrepreneur. This is particularly set in a digital frame in response to the world changing dramatically during Covid-19. So much more of our daily lives is now intertwined with the online world and to succeed in business you must place yourself in this sphere no matter what your creative practice is. I have been providing free workbooks and training that helps support to learn these new skills, even if you are a complete beginner with technology. I created a strand in this blog for the challenges I have been running which can be found in the #joinjulesjourney drop down in the menu, and I also created a Facebook group ‘Creative Economy Entrepreneurs: Supporting each other to grow’, which is an area for networking, self promotion and accessing free training.


a woman who sets up and runs her own business in addition to caring for her young child or children”

I think any woman who works in the creative industries can fall into this ‘mumpreneur’ category. Whether you have young children, older children, or no children yet, perhaps even care for another person not your child, the pressures of being a professional in the creative world while juggling some sort of home life brings a certain type of talent and commitment. We do not work a 9-5 job that we can leave at the door, we are creative to our core and need a lifestyle that supports that.

I like the term Mumpreneur. It seems a little cliche, but yet defines quite nicely the chaos I feel on a daily basis. The rhetoric around women being expected to work like they don’t have children and be a mother like they don’t have a job should be a startling spark of discussions, yet it is nothing more than banter to be brushed aside. Mothers are described as being ‘supermum’ just for making it to the end of the day, perhaps a system with less pressure would be preferable to the woman trying to keep everything spinning.


a person who has many different interests and pursuits in life”

This is defined as the ability and preference of a person to excel in two or more areas. The person is usually intelligent with strong artistic tendencies with interests across multiple fields.

This is most definitely a description of me. I love learning new things, am constantly starting new projects, and get truly excited when using creativity to bring new projects into existence.

My Blog

This blog is split into the sections of my multipotentialite activities.

I believe that to be successful in this world it is best to not put all of your eggs in one basket. If you are like me and enjoy learning new things and getting exciting new projects launched then it makes sense to have several things on the go at the same time. Entrepreneurs are rarely known for doing only one thing. They are innovative and adaptable. They respond to market shifts and technological advancements, always full of enthusiasm to drive a new project forward.

If we have learned one thing during Covid its that it can be dangerous to have your souls income attached to one stream. What do you do if you suddenly can work in that area anymore? It is far more practical to split your income generation possibilities in different areas to ensure you will always be secure.

The old days of generation X are ending. Millennials are beginning to run the world. Literally, as Millennials are edging into their forties they are now becoming senior management across the globe. The hierarchical systems that flourished during Generation X are ending and the collaborative and creative tendencies of Millennials are truly coming of age.

It is my opinion that to give yourself the best chance at success and abundance in life then it is a good idea to follow a model like this and create different sources of income. I don’t mean starting projects just for the sake of it, but really think about what you love in life and find ways that fit into this format to create as more profitable and stable life for yourself.

I view each of these areas forming around our core interests and passions in life. Entrepreneurs are enthusiastic creatures and incredibly hard working when inspired, but when faced with benign tasks they become professional procrastinators and can lose momentum. So choose things that truly align with who you are and what you want out of life. Here is the chance to be the change you want to see in the world.

Core inspirations:

Career should be filled with ambition. Do something you are good at, you can make a difference with, and you can raise through the ranks and feel those satisfying feelings of achievement. This should provide you with enough income to pay the bills, but leave to time to do your other projects.

I am a lecturer in the creative industries. I love anything and everything to do with the arts and think it is such an important part of the wellbeing of society. Whether I’m teaching theatre or creative enterprise I love being inspired by the enthusiasm my students have and the anticipation of the amazing careers they have ahead of them.

Side hustle should be filled with passion. This is something you feel needs to be done to make a different in the world and to provide benefit to other people. You should feel excited to be doing this whether its writing, art, coaching, etc, this should be the thing that you look forward to. There are lots of things you can do and lots of platforms you can sell on to bring that all elusive side hustle income. The key here is to do something you love, or else you won’t keep up the motivation.

My current side hustle is this blog and my Facebook group. I fill my core beliefs by providing open source information but in the process of creating free resources to help creative entrepreneurs reach their full potential I will re-craft resources into books that I can publish and sell on platforms.

Hobby that pays should be something that fills the soul. This is something that truly resonates with something deep inside you. What do you love? Don’t think of a job you might like doing but think of something inside you and then look to see what could fill this.

I recently trained to be a wedding celebrant and can now marry people. I am, at heart, a hopeless romantic and to me the idea of writing unique and beautiful wedding ceremonies and getting to conduct them on the most important day of people’s lives is a wonderful privilege. In this role I get to fulfil my romantic side in the most wonderful way imaginable.

Product that pays should be something that surrounds your health. There are many products that we all live by and when prompted will sing the praises of. In this modern digital world there are huge marketing shifts happening where companies are no longer using large budgets on TV adverts that have a very hit or miss approach to accessing the right demographics but are instead using social marketing. The old TV budgets are now being filtered down to the ordinary consumer who can get a small percentage of the profits. The plus side for the company is they are reaching a much more targeted audience and increasing their profits. The plus side for you and me is we can make a little extra income simply by telling people about the products we love. The key to this though is to genuinely find a product/products that you love.

I choose to promote a product called Modere through social marketing. Although they sell many beauty products and weight loss supplements I particularly love the Liquid Collagen as I took it for a year and it has massively improved my joint problems that had become debilitating. This company offers an option where you can simply sign up to get a promo code and anyone who uses that code becomes your ‘customer’, even though all the ordering and delivery is directly through the company website. Zero responsibility, just tell people what I love and make a few extra pennies.

My Facebook Group

Creative Economy Entrepreneurs: Supporting each other to grow

My Etsy Shop

I have recently opened a little Etsy shop to sell digital products that I am making. Head over to Mumpreneurjules on Etsy if you are interested in deeper knowledge about creative enterprise or are in the mood for a creative challenge.

I have now also started a range of digital prints in my Etsy Shop.

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Below I will put links to some of the products I have found useful for my own creative practice. Some of them I may gain a little commission from if you follow the link and then choose to purchase something (pocket change to keep me in coffee while I write the blog). Please only make a purchase if you genuinely have a need for it. I have arranged them into the same categories of the blog sections to help you find things I mention in my blog and save you some time tracking them down.