I am Jules!

I am a creative industries professional and mother of two little boys. That is my short answer.

For this blog I use the term ‘Mumpreneur’, defining me as a professional who also raises small children. Another term that I love is a ‘multipotentialite’, which is a person who is particularly strong in intellectual or creative curiosity and excels in two or more fields. Emillie Wapnick has a great TedX Talk on the subject if you are curious. I think my emphasis here is the ‘or more’, as I am addicted to learning and exploring, particularly across the creative industries and am always keen to try new things.

Creatively, I am passionate about theatre, arts, design, anything really that can illicit an emotional response from either doing the activity or watching it. I love the buzz you get from being part of making something that makes other people happy or makes them want to do something creative themselves. I think that’s how I have found myself here. I know what it feels like to be part of beautiful creative performances and exhibitions that fill the soul with wonder and contentment. I also know what it feels like when all of the energy is gone, being an empty vessel with nothing inside and no sight of where to find an ounce of creativity. I love helping people find that creativity.

I get described as being a very enthusiastic person which I suppose I agree with. When I am passionate about a subject it consumes me completely and I infect others with my excitement about it. Fireworks of enthusiasm I think has been used to describe me, and not necessarily in a good way at the time. I may sometimes lack a little discipline for the activity I am supposed to be doing and instead become consumed by focus on another project. This is perhaps my biggest hurdle to overcome and my biggest weakness, I am not a finisher. Knowing this trait is the key though and when I see myself drifting from an important project in favour of something more inspiring I need to reign myself back in. I think it is funny how my biggest strength is also my biggest weakness. If you were to reflect right now what would your biggest strength and weakness be?

I think that is the teacher coming out in me there. Working as a lecturer teaching Creative Industries I have to coax people through doing reflective essays where they look at themselves through a critical lens and really analyse themselves. Many people seem to find this a very difficult thing to do. I love the ‘ah ha’ moments that people have during this process where they notice something about themselves that, when worked on, can change how they work and get better results. I teach creative people. I love this. There is definitely not a one size fits all approach with my students and I find that just as exciting as the energy they bring to the classroom. Seeing someone achieve a new creative skill or produce something they never thought they could is a magical feeling in itself. The confidence and self-determination that comes with this is such an empowering thing to watch and be part of. I think I can safely say that I love teaching creative subjects.

Gracefully leading on from that, here is a bit of a run down of the education route that has brought me to where I am. Currently I am two thirds of the way through a PhD, but taking a little break as lockdown and homeschool was proving too much pressure and I eventually decided the kindest thing to do for myself was to take a little break for it. The constant deadlines of academic writing are draining to say the least. I have a Masters, MDes Design Innovation & Citizenship, a BA Community Development, and part of the Production and Technical Theatre degree before leaving early for full time work in the industry. A bit of a mixed bag to say the least.

This is a timeline of the main institutions of my career to date. Dominated by theatre and education!

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