Collagen is often views as being purely cosmetic and used by people wanting to beat wrinkles and look younger. Yes, it does do those things but it is far more important to your body than most people know. It is also the lubricant that keeps your joints moving and your skin elastic. Like an engine trying to run without oil on the moving parts the human body uses collagen to to keep the joints moving smoothly and keeping the body mobile. Imagine your knee bones rubbing up against each other without lubricant….that may be where your pain is coming from.

Collagen, unfortunately, is a natural resource of the young. By the mid-twenties the human body slows in producing collagen and struggles to keep itself lubricated without the help of a supplement. There are different types of collagen including powdered and liquid. Modere uses a patented type || liquid collagen that has won numerous awards over the years for its health benefits and has a production record spanning three decades.

Full disclosure, I have not personally tried the various collagen options, but I have been using the Liquid BioCell from Modere for the past year and have seen amazing results. I was not drawn to Modere for the beauty products or the weight loss products, although I have used many of these now over the last year and am now a convert, but I was first keen to try the Liquid BioCell PURE because of chronic pain in my knees, hips and a recent slipped disc which had all led to me feeling decades older than I was. Being skeptical at first I began my liquid collagen journey and have never looked back.

My aim here is not to sell expensive products to people who don’t need them, but to show an option that in terms of mobility and health is a remarkably cheap option. For me, to have a quality of life back where I could crawl along the floor with my little boys and not listen to myself complain every day about aches and pains is definitely worth the investment. Cost wise I probably used to spend more on overpriced coffees filled with syrup that was clearly not helping my health (or weight).

If any of these things are of interest to you then take a look at the Modere website and have a look through the products. If you sign up be sure to add my promo code 3758566 to claim your £10 off your first order.

Almost all products that improve health come with some side effects. Liquid BioCell is no exception, although the side effects are definitely more positive than negative.

Side effects:

-reduction in wrinkles due to new found elasticity

-smoother and clearer looking skin

-youthful looking skin from the inside out

-less to spend on expensive make-up products (I wear almost no makeup-up since using these products)

Testimonial from myself:

At 40 I was really starting to feel my age and it seemed that make-up only made the wrinkles worse. Using the liquid collagen and some of the Modere collagen cream products I feel like I have lost years from my face.

I now hardly wear any make-up and instead focus on having healthy skin inside and out

Get £10 off your first order now by using promo code 3758566 at the website. Install the Modere app for quick and easy access to all of the products straight from your phone.

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